ADHD Services and Resources

Dr. Bright has been designated as an expert on ADHD by the American Medical Association and he is right here in Midlothian.

Undiagnosed attention problems can often be the reason behind poor grades, unacceptable or inappropriate behavior and poor family and peer relationships, all of which can have lasting negative repercussions on a person’s development and life experience. More often than not, ADHD is found along with other learning disabilities and personal adjustment problems, requiring multipronged treatment.

The professional staff at The Adolescent and Family Health Center recommends early evaluation and treatment to prevent the negative consequences of undiagnosed and untreated attention disorders.

Our adolescent medical specialist, George M. Bright, M.D., oversees each patient’s individual program and attends primary and preventive health care needs while the AFHC treatment team performs a complete psychological/educational evaluation. In this way, AFHC is able to understand the best way to address each individual’s ADHD diagnosis and help them manage at home, school, work and in the community.

If more intense outpatient treatment is needed, a referral may be made to AFHC’s wilderness and experiential therapy program, Blackwater Outdoor Experiences for development of skills in an active, outdoor setting.

To learn more about our ADHD services and treatment options, contact us.

Educational Consulting

School is your child’s workplace, yet not all school programs are designed to meet the individual needs of all children. Options do exist within both the public and private school systems as well as the college setting to help students who need an alternative approach to learning. We can also assist with work place accommodations to help you succeed.