About US

Welcome to Even Keel Health Partners and the Adolescent & Family Health Center!

For more than 30 years, the mission of the Adolescent and Family Health Center has been to help people live brighter lives while simultaneously addressing the challenges they face. Led by George M. Bright MD., one of the worlds leading authorities on ADHD and addiction, AFHC and Even Keel Health Partners team is here to help. We are little family like team of providers, therapists and amazing staff with countless year of experience and will work with you as a person and not a patient. Doctors George Bright MD, Scott Keel, MD MPH, therapists Sarah Cazares LCSW and Tyler Vance LCSW, and Erikah Reed CPhT (our in house pharmacy tech) Kristy, Debie, want to help you and your family find the right balance in life and maximize your potential. We have a passion for working with children, adolescents, and adults (and their families too). Our areas of interest and expertise are in ADHD and Addiction where we bring a whole health, patient and family-centered approach to care.

Our Comprehensive Treatment Team Approach

Too often today, patients are given only the medication or tools they need to mask the symptoms or negative behaviors that are disrupting their lives. AFHC treatment team process:

  • Identify the room causes or trigger for symptoms and negative behaviors

  • Help the patient recognize the specific assets and strengths they can use to navigate forward

  • Identify, explain and provide the most appropriate medical, psychological and behavioral therapies

We would like to welcome Dr. Keel to the Adolescent and Family health center. Dr. Keel trained in Pediatrics at Virginia Tech and then in Preventive Medicine at the University of Kentucky where he also served as Chief. While at UK, he also obtained his Master's in Public Health. He also completed his certification in Integrative Medicine with the University of Arizona's Andrew Weil Center of Integrative Medicine. He is currently working on his certification with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and pursuing board certification in Addiction Medicine. He is also an ambassador for the American College of Preventive Medicine.

Three generations of caring for children, adolescents, and young adults/adults.

Our collective experience in caring for this population goes back to the beginning of the specialty of Adolescents when Dr. Bright was called to Harvard's Boston Children's Hospital to help start a new specialty that would become, Adolescent Medicine. Dr. Bright is also a leader in Addiction Medicine and has been involved in several clinical trials in treating substance use disorders. His knowledge and expertise are world-renowned. He would go on to train and mentor Dr. Ted Abernathy in pediatrics and adolescent care. Dr. A would be in the first graduating class of the Adolescent Fellowship at MCV, now known as VCU, under Dr. Bright's tutelage. Dr. Abernathy is a well-loved leader in the care of this population in Virginia. Dr. Keel has had the privilege of being mentored by these two amazing doctors and looks forward to bringing their wisdom and his own experiences to continue their tradition and success.

Dr. Scott Keel, M.D. MPH, Founder of Even Keel Health Partners

Dr. Ted Abernathy, M.D. Founder of Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners, former AAP president, VA

Dr. George Bright, M.D, Founder of the Adolescent and Family Health Center, and Cumberland Hospital, as well as created Blackwater Outdoor Experiences, a therapeutic wilderness program and a first of its kind.